1. Just be you!

Just be you! This seems obvious, but sometimes it’s tough to really commit to it. Don’t get held back by what you think a couple session should look like.

Do you like to play up? Then do it! Are you introverted? Then enjoy the quiet moments. 

I want to experience all those little moments you might otherwise consider the “outtakes”. Don’t act like you think you should, I want to capture you as you are. „The truest emotion is in the outtakes!“

2. Dress like yourself

Dress comfortably and don’t feel like you have to “dress up” if that's not you. But if it is, then go for it! Most importantly, wear something you feel confident in. Whether that’s ripped up jeans or a pretty dress, you do you!

If you would like another opinion on what to wear, I'm happy to offer my help. You can send me photos or ask me anything! 

Tip: Keep in mind the terrain when you decide what shoes to wear. It can be quite boggy in Scotland;) Who says you can´t were wellies in combination with a pretty dress or even go barefoot through the mud?

3. Pick a location that reflects you

Where do you fit the best? Is it a crazy high mountaintop, a foggy forest, the city by sunset or simply your home?

I want to make sure you are surrounded by what you love and where you feel the most comfortable:)

4. Make it something special

Go for lunch and do something relaxing and enjoyable together before we meet for the shoot. That way you can always remember that lovely day you’ve spent while looking at the photos instead of  just having crossed another thing of your to-do list. 

Tip: Bring snacks or maybe a flask with tea (yes it can be cold in Scotland), to have a little break in-between.

5. Embrace spontaniousity

And I don’t just mean the weather. I want you to embrace the wind messing up your hair, your dress getting dirty, and all the other spontaneous and “imperfect” elements. If it starts to rain, we can keep taking photos and dance in the rain if you are up for it:)

6. Leave the extra stuff at home

Please don’t worry about the extra stuff you think you might need. To get those genuine in-between moments on camera it´s best to be light on your feet. Keep it minimalistic;)

7. Enjoy your time and forget the camera

The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures. It is to capture an exciting stage in your life, while spending time together. So forget the camera, and just enjoy your time:)