Just around the corner from my Dads house is an old glasshouse. Since I started photography I dreamed about taking photos of somebody in there. I love how the sunlight shines through the glass and how it looks like a fairytale in there with all of the plants growing everywhere. It is impressive how quickly nature takes over these "lost" places. That's why I think that places like this one are not "lost". They are awakening from a long sleep and slowly become alive again.

One day of my visit back home I really wanted to see the new cute cafe that had opened in the village next door. They have delicious homemade ice-cream, which I can really recommend by the way. And as luck would have it, this beautiful girl worked there. I was very happy that she was also willing to model for me, as she had never done it before. The weather was pretty miserable the day we met up. But after a while the setting sun started to break through the clouds...

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