Creative self portraits at home

One day, it was in spring and still quite cold outside the sun was shining through the kitchen window and created this really nice warm space on the kitchen floor. If you look at my work you might find that I LOVE backlight. Its just so romantic looking. I didn't think much, put the camera on the tripod and sat in the warm sunspot on the floor with my favorite antik lace in my hand. The sun was shining on my back and created this lovely backlight I love so much.

It is important that we sit still sometimes. It is important to take a moment and then to look around us and realize that despite all the suffering and the pain ... this world is beautiful. When I decided to take self-portraits I sat on the floor. I had my favorite music playing through the speaker and the remote for my camera in my hand. The sun felt so warm, like it didn't for a long time. I took a deep breath and took the first photo. When it popped up on my computer screen I was happy. The photo wasn't perfect. It was a bit grainy and a bit out of focus. But it captured a moment. A moment of peace within. 

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Self portraits at home are good for your mental health


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