Summer dreams with a vintage tint

The scottish weather is known to be rough and cold. And I cannot disagree with that. But back in Germany I would have never thought that I would go swimming in the Baltic Sea when it´s 15 degrees air temperature. Now, having lived in Scotland for over a year that way of thinking has changed a lot!

Most of the days are pretty fresh and a bit windy, but then all of a sudden, when you least expect it there will be a day that feels like summer. These are the days when I drop everything (if I can) and drive out to the beach with my husband and my Golden Retriever Mellie. Summerday, you think 25 degrees? Noooo... you wish:D 15 degrees, sun and no wind is what you want. These are the days when the Scots say "It´s bakin´ oot" . And it is! It´s that magic of Scotland I´ve talked about in one of my latest blog posts. On these days I feel like a child again, when life was easygoing and when we forgot the time and where compelely absorbed by whatever we were doing.

These pictures you will see here where taken on one of those days which was also one of the first days of Phase 1 after lockdown. Anne Catherine is wearing this beautiful vintage inspired and handmade dress that swirls when she turns. It was early in the morning when we met up for the shoot in Holyrood Park. It was so quiet, the sun was already warm and the birds where singing their beautiful songs.

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Wild Summer Dreams In Edinburgh, Scotland


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