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I love walking through Stockbrigde in Edinburgh. Its a beautiful side of the town and it has that vintage feel to it. Edinburgh in general always makes me wonder what it would have been like to live here lots of years ago. Looking at the beautiful architecture I sometimes think myself back in time. Imagining everybody to wear vintage clothes. I believe that life used to be slower and that is used to be easier to take in smaller details. Like for example in Stockbrigde you have to look closer to find the cool hidden stores and corners. One of these hidden shops is „Those Were The Days Vintage“. Claire and her mum build that shop up from scratch out of their love for vintage clothes. Now they divided their boutique into two sections. One is specialized for vintage wedding dresses and the other side contains a range of super cool vintage outfits.  One day in April this year Claire, her assistant India and me teamed up with some super talented make up artists from Candy Glam UK and the very talented Margret who looked stunning in all of the outfits, to capture some of their outfits in urban Locations in Edinburgh. We were lucky to be able to shoot in the High Dive and Bon Tot. The High Dive is a super cool restaurant, were we had super tasty Italian pizza for lunch. Bon Tot is a clothes shop for children. If you are looking for high quality and long lasting clothes for your children you should definitely check it out! As it was quite dark in the two locations I used my Ring light and flashes from Neewer. Honestly I am so impressed by Neewer! There products  are extremely affordable and the quality is very good. I´ve never been disappointed!  The red light I created by putting the flash behind a red plastic curtain. Here you go:

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