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Relaxed, Wild and Romantic Photography

Capturing Emotions by Creating Art

I am Karo, a German wedding photographer who is based in Scotland. My passion is to connect nature and art. Nature means to me the great outdoors, but also being human. Being human is one of the most nature-like things to me. It means having emotions, by being loud and also quiet sometimes. It means to be vulnerable and strong and confident. All that is in each and every one of us and this is what I love to capture. Photography to me is not just capturing a moment. It´s also creating art. 
Having studied inclusion studies back in Germany I am happy to let you know that I would love to photograph your LGTBQIA+ wedding:) 
What to expect
I would describe my style as documentary, relaxed, vintage, wild and romantic.
Documentary because I love it when a couple forgets I'm there and when they just enjoy their time together. That's when I can capture real moments of love. Don't worry I´ll guide you and there is absolutely no pressure! Which leads me to the next point: "relaxed". It´s just so lovely to get to know the people I photograph by simply going for a walk and chat along. Also, I won't make you do something you are not comfortable with and I won't pose you into uncomfortable positions. The main thing is that you are having a good time and I´ll take care of the photos. "Wild" in this case links my love for nature and movement in photographs. I love it when the wind plays with a flowy dress. I love taking photos in the forest and meeting some unexpected deer around the corner or hiking up a mountain to get that amazing backdrop Scotland has to offer. My style is also "vintage" and "romantic" as my editing style is inspired by disposable film photography. "Romantic" stands for the emotions between two lovers. Capturing emotions is what my work is all about in the end.
Here is a little video of me talking about what you can expect when you book a wedding with me:)

"Ath-fhiadhachadh na Gàidhealtachd"
Regenweibchen Photography (Karo) is a member of Trees for Life and the Scottish Wildlife Trust. 

It is my passion to help re-wilding Scotland and to make sure wild animals can keep their home.
By ordering prints from Regenweibchen Photography´s
wall-art print gallery I´ll donate 10% off each print to the Scottish Wildlife Trust.
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