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A magical evening on the Isle of Skye

For my 31st Birthday I really wanted to go camping on the Isle of Skye. I have seen a lot of Scotland and have been to Skye before but I've never really explored the island properly. So me and my husband packed our bags and drove up north. One of my birthday wishes for this trip was to take pictures at The Quiraing, which was one of the parts I've not seen before. I've only been to the Old Man of Storr and had no idea this amazing place is just around the corner from there. During our trip it was very rainy and windy. I was worried my tripod would fall over and crash my camera (this wouldn't be the first time:D ). So we delayed the drive to the Quiraing. One of the days the weather changed even though it wasn't forecast. That's typical Highlands, I thought, the weather just does what it wants. So we changed our plans for the day and parked up at the Quiraing. It was October so the sun set really early. While everyone else slowly walked back to car to not get caught up on the hills in darkness we decided to start the walk :D As you can imagine we didn't finish the whole loop as some parts are slippy and it´s just not safe to walk in the dark. But the mazing views literally start right at the beginning. The sun was about to set and the moon was low on the horizon. Long shadows were formed and made the gigantic rock formations, cliffs and hills look extra dramatic. I hid my old wedding dress under my jacket to be able to hike up the hills and rocks. We stopped at different places that seemed photo worthy. Although you could say every meter there is photo worthy. Wow the scenery was breath taking. With nearly everyone else gone we had the place pretty much to ourselves. A few sheep were grazing down on the slope.

When the sun had completely disappeared behind the horizon we walked back to the car. We got there just before it was completely dark. The stars where so clearly visible. This change of plan meant that we had to find our camping spot in the dark but it was absolutely worth it for the amazing wedding themed pictures we got.

A couple in wedding attire walking up a hill at the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. The views are far and wide.
Relaxed Wedding at The Quiraing, Isle of Skye Scotland

A couple in wedding attire hiking a trail on the Isle of Skye during dusk.
Relaxed and Intimate Isle of Syke Wedding



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