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Why Micro Weddings are better

Micro weddings are all the rage at the moment. With social distancing measures and a limited amount of guests they are the way forward for 2020 and 2021.

Here are some positives about intimate `micro` weddings. 

During a big wedding party you will struggle to talk to every single one of your guests. During a small wedding you can catch up with everyone and have time to spend with your partner. That was what bugged me the most during my wedding. Of course I wanted to talk to all my friends and family as I don't see them very often but obviously it was me and my husbands wedding and I wanted to also spend time with him. Having just a view guests will allow you to really embrace this romantic day as a newly married couple! 

The next good thing is that you can really only spend your big day with your closest friends and family. You can invite the ones you love the most and have the best time!

The next point is that you can safe money. You don't have to order or prepare as much food, you don't have to book a large location and you don't need as many drinks. It really does make a huge difference on the budget.

Last but not least having lesser guests makes you more flexible. You can´´t really gather 100 people while getting married at a local beach, with only 10 people invited, you can! You fell in love with a cute wooden hut but it´s too small for 200 guests? Its not a problem anymore! Go ahead and book the location of your dreams:)

Here is a little story about a lovely Micro Wedding aka Elopement from last year in Scotland: 

Last year in early autumn Bobbie and Blake visited Scotland for the first time. It was their plan to tie the knot at Tantallon Castle. Only those two, the celebrant and me, the photographer where there. It was a very rainy morning but that didn't stop Bobbie and Blake from having the best time! First we walked through Dean Village in Edinburgh to take photos in the rustic looking streets surrounded by beautiful greenery.

In the evening we arrived at Tantallon Castle where we walked over a field to get a breathtaking view over the sea, bass rock and the ruin of the castle. The rain had stopped and the clouds where breaking up when Bobbie and Blake were reading their vows. Its was an intense moment and I might have felt a tear or two in my eyes...

For more of my photography please check 

A bride and groom smiling in fron of Tantallon Castle near Edinburgh. They are freshly married. They got eloped in the countryside near Seacliff Beach with a view to Tantallon Castle. The bride is wearing a long veil which is flowing in the wind and a white simply beautiful wedding dress.
Elopement in Scotland near Tantallon Castle


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