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Sams Gallery

7000001Inkfields Photography - Regenweibchen PhotographyKSM_4562culled-2.JPG

Sam is not just my husband but also my business partner. He often accompanied me at weddings to be my second photographer. While I am on maternity leave he takes on weddings and couple sessions by himself. His style is very similar to mine but I do think he does have a different eye for photography. He really knows how to get that creative shot and how to make people feel at ease in front of his camera. While his main job lies in Music he is also a professional photographer. Would you have guessed that it was actually Sam who taught me how to use a DSLR camera in the first place? While I'm using Nikon for my camera gear he is a Sony guy and I think that the two camera systems actually compliment each other well, even though some might say different. But that's a chat for another day:D Here are some of many pictures Sam took.

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