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Cozy at home

A self portrait couple photoshoot during lockdown in a one bedroom apartment.

To be honest, I would have never thought that I would get into taking self portraits. I never thought of myself as being photogenic. How did it start though? Last year my husband was away on tour (he is a musician) for a few weeks and I found myself having lots more time suddenly. The time I would normally spend with him wasn't filled anymore, so I had much more headspace. One day, it was in spring and still quite cold outside the sun was shining through the kitchen window and created this really nice warm space on the kitchen floor. If you look at my work you might find that I LOVE backlight. Its just so romantic looking. I didn't think much, put the camera on the tripod and sat in the warm sunspot on the floor with my favorite antik lace in my hand. The sun was shining on my back and created this lovely backlight I love so much. (Here are the pictures from that shoot: )

So that is how I got into self portraits and I realised that its not about looking like a magazine model. Its about being creative. I love photographing all kinds of people, so why would I not like photographing myself? Exactly! So here are the pictures we took in our bedroom. Its so much fun to dress up and be silly together:D

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