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Highland Magic

Since I´ve lived in Scotland I've visited the Highlands a few times. Every time we drive up north, when the hills become mountains and the weather gets rough, I get hit by this feeling which I can't describe. I would probably call it "Highland Magic".

I have always been a nature lover, but since I've lived in this beautiful country it has only become stronger. Especially when I discovered the wild camping side. Being in the outdoors when the sun sets and it´s getting dark is something special. 

That's when the deer come down from the hills into the valleys and when the blackbirds are making my favourite sound. Although the barren look of Scotland is unnatural and caused by humans, it's where one can feel the earth breathe. It is a place  where there is hope for successful re-wilding. During the night it´s often so quiet, you can hear the deer walking from afar. To be able to be so close to nature and so far away from streets and buildings is nowadays a rarity on this planet. I am sure a lot of people have heard all about the movement of tree planting in the Highlands. Unfortunately often companies and farmers plant non-native trees to be cut once grown. These trees don't support the wildlife of Scotland. Besides, imagine somebody building a lovely home for you. You move in and it becomes dear to you. A few years later people show up to destroy it for money.  That is not re-wilding. Animals need a home for life and generations.

Scotland's beauty could be their home once again. It´s up to us. 

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